The Squeeze – Tommy Wonder (Onosaka)


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Manufactured by one of Japan’s most respected houses of magic – Magic Land (Ton Onosaka and Satoshi Onosaka, and Mama-san!).  This is a great close up visual effect that will satisfy audience’s and aficionado’s of Tommy Wonder as well.

The magician has a BIG problem! He has this Poker sized Bicycle deck, and is handed a miniature card box from a spectator! The spectator says, “If you’re a real magician you could make that Poker sized deck fit into this miniature card box! The challenge is on, and the magician while nervous prepares to “magish!” Giving it his best he starts to squeeze the card deck, trying to force the cards inside the approx. 1/3rd smaller card box. This goes on for a bit, understandably and finally the magician looses his stamina and when his hands move away, what is revealed is amazing. Half the deck has actually been squeezed and morphed into the tiny card box and the other half remains poker sized!

But the job is not finished the spectator yells! The magician gathers up his remaining strength and to the amazement of all is actually about to finish the job and close the lid to the small box that now magically houses a Poker sized deck. Great visual magic that will really get their attention.

Note: The photo of the regular sized poker deck is for scale (size relationship) purposes only and does “not” come with the effect. But everything you need to perform it is included.

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