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Two beautifully crafted Egyptian sarcophagus’s apparatus lie on a table. One is a standing sarcophagus with ordinate design, the other a small drawer box equally eloquent in it’s construction and design. The magi uncovers the larger stand revealing three distinct and different Egyptian plate symbols that are hanging on the outside interior sarcophagus. The magi then picks up the smaller drawer box and removes the lid, showing an empty drawer with its interior cut out in a hexagonal shape matching the exact shape of the symbol plates. It should also be noted that the depth of the drawer is only deep enough to hold only one such plate.

The magi then asks a volunteer to select one of the three symbols hanging on the outside, interior of the sarcophagus, that symbol plate is then placed inside the drawer and the drawer is closed. Then the cover is placed over the larger sarcophagus. A magic gesture is made and the magi opens re-opens the small drawer box that housed the spectators chosen symbol plate, to reveal it has vanished! The outline of the empty hexagonal shape is all that can be seen!Next the Magi uncovers the cover of the larger sarcophagus and unbelievably, the Egyptian plate has returned to it’s original position and is now hanging (just as it was at the start of the ritual), on the larger interior wall of the sarcophagus.

Visual magic, right before your eye’s. Perfect for performers and readers needing an Egyptian motif or any magician or story teller. All the pieces are hand crafted by Thomas Pohle under exacting quality control standards.

Note: Ad copy and images are used with permission from Andy Martin –

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