The Talking Deck – Blue


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Taking Decks have been around for many years. I remember the great Buma making one we sold in the early 2000’s.  The difference between past versions and this lies both in the construction of the deck as well as the selection and integration of higher quality electrical component parts.  To put it in a more modern vernacular – this deck is “TIGHT!”  When you see the internal components and the manner in which they were applied we are sure you will agree! 

Thousands of possibilities

  • Perfect for all types of routines: Comedy, spooky or just an extra fun way to reveal a card!
  • Just think about having a deck of cards that can say up to 60 seconds of whatever you want, your imagination is the only thing limiting how much you can do with this deck!
  • Record clips of music, static, a joke, seriously anything you can think of!
  • Great for Halloween settings, scare your friends with a scream!
  • Comes with a simple way to force the card needed! I even fooled Mark Stevens this with technique, he had no clue!
  • Comes with QR Code access video instructions.

Simple Comedy Effect:
After having a card selected you tell the spectators you have a special way to always know what card selected, asking the deck of cards to tell you! They laugh you laugh the deck laughs, and then it tells you what card was chosen.

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