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“One of the most creative innovators of practical mentalism since Annemann.” Ken Weber – Former PEA president, Author of Maximum Entertainment

“The Ten Card Miracle is a must-do effect. The build and excitement of reading ten minds at once combined with the prediction pay-off has moved the piece to my closer. It is well thought out and scripted by Ted K – the master of simplicity!” –  Joe Curcillo – Former PEA president

Ted Karmilovich is proud to announce the limited-edition release of his Ten Card Miracle. Like his popular Target Number Manual, the Ten Card Miracle will be limited to just 200 copies, many of which were sold at the recent Mindvention.

The Ten Card Miracle has been a highlight of his show for a number of years replacing his handling of the Tossed Out Deck.

The Ten Card Miracle presentation is as follows: The performer looks about the room and jots down some thoughts on a piece of paper which is then folded and pocketed by an audience member.

A deck of cards is then passed out into the audience for a number of spectators to examine and shuffle. One audience member is then asked to remove ten cards from the deck and shuffle them thoroughly.

Turning his back to the crowd, the performer instructs the volunteer to distribute nine of the cards to nine different audience members in different parts of the room keeping the final card for himself. The volunteers are asked to remember their cards and then pocket them or hide them away somewhere.

The performer faces the audience and asks all ten people to stand. He instructs them all to concentrate on their card, and should he name the card they have in mind, they are to immediately be seated.

Slowly at first, he begins to name cards. One by one, spectators take their seat. He begins to call them out more quickly and the audience is aghast as more participants sit down. There is finally one person left standing.

The person holding the notes that were jotted down before the deck of cards was even introduced is asked to read aloud what was written down earlier. It mentions the card that the final person will be thinking of. The person removes the card from his pocket and displays it. It is, indeed, the card that was predicted!

The Ten Card Miracle is a routine that amazes, plays big, and has a killer ending!

Things to note: Perfect for any size audience. No angles. No sleights. No extra gimmicks. Just a deck that can be left in the audience at the end. Totally examinable.

Included in the booklet is Ted’s handling for performing the routine for youngsters using alphabet flash cards. It’s perfect for audiences with kids of any age!

The Ten Card Miracle is limited to just 200 copies. When they’re gone, they’re gone.

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