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This is an estate item.  This product is very rare and extremely hard to find, owners tend to keep this item.  We are pleased to bring you this portfolio.  The product is in fairly good condition it does come with a VHS Tape and a comb bound booklet.  The manuscript does have some marring on the front and back cover.

Ray Piatt and Allen Zingg present the Theta Portfolio . No matter what kind of magic you perform, you will find a use for the Theta Portfolio . The Theta Portfolio is a full-size handcrafted leather portfolio complete with a full size legal pad. The pad is on the right; on the left side is a large flap pocket. On the flap pocket t are several smaller pockets. One for business size envelopes. One for business cards. And a special clear vinyl pocket. The portfolio is beautifully made by Ray and Lisa Piatt, whose quality leather work is unsurpassed.

The Theta Portfolio is the most versatile portfolio you will ever find. It looks exactly like those used in businesses everyw Yet, it is a powerful and secret tool. Simply and cleverly gimmicked so that you can adapt it to many, many mentalism needs. Switching large flat items such as business envelopes, photographs, jumbo card, etc; Stealing Q&A information; Delivering Q&A information; Multiple Outs ; Switching audience information; Impression Device and more! The best part is that you will be inspired to come up with new ideas and routines once you own this fabulous portfolio.

You can use the Theta Portfolio for multiple applications in a single act. No need for a Himber Wallet, then a Kaps Wallet, then an Add A Number Pad, then a Z Wallet. Just one natural -looking prop that does it all!

Naturally and easily handle all the major methods of Q and A; Add-A-Number; Headline Predictions; Design Duplication; Serial Number Reading; Book Tests; Mental Epic; Confabulation and more and more!

You also get a book and video tape chock full of routines. This is an item you will be proud to own.
This is an amazing piece that will blow you away. In GREAT shape, this is RARE and is NO LONGER MADE.

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