The Tillinghast Coin Table – TCC & Airship Magic


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The performer shows a small ornate wooden table that can be handed out for examination. The performer introduces 4 half dollars and one by one causes the coins to visibly penetrate the table with no cover.  At the end of the performance, he drapes a black silk over the table and with a gentle press causes the table to penetrate the working surface or vanish completely.

No difficult Sleights or handling.

Any Half Dollar or equivalent size coin will work.

Tillinghast Coin Table, No special coins needed for the Coins Through Table

Includes beautifully crafted Tillinghast Coin Table

Table Cloth

No Coins Included, use any half dollars

The AirShip Magic release includes a 9 page booklet of extra handlings by Chuck Leech of the former Chazpro Magic and Jordan Rosenberg.

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