The Ultimate Hand – TUH – A Jonathan Todd Excelsior Presents Production featuring Jalim Geru, Anthony Starconi and Universal Magic LLC


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The ULTIMATE HAND (TUH) – patent pending. (Includes the Real Floating Ghost as a Bonus for the first 100 Buyers) Now Amateurs and Hobbyists Can Appear to HAVE SKILLS JUST like The PROFESSIONALS!

  • Love INSTANT and VISUAL Magic? Who Doesn’t!
  • Want to work miracles anywhere, any time? Of Course!
  • Want Flashy Magic that Dazzles in Natural Light like a Moving Shiny Coin? You Bet!
  • But that Drawer of Partially Built or Broken Gaffs, Never to be Performed, is Holding You Back From Your Dream of Being a Pro Magician?
  • Don’t have a lot of time to practice? Just a Few Minutes a Day and You’ll SLAY with The ULTIMATE HAND – (TUH)!

Historical Credit: This “gimmick” and effect was originally described in the book The Discoverie of Witchcraft, by Reginald Scot in 1584 but has been kept the secret of professional magicians for HUNDREDS OF YEARS! Way back then, they had no magnets, threads or other modern materials . . . OR SO PEOPLE THOUGHT! So how could they make coins VANISH into thin air way back then? The secret is REVEALED in The ULTIMATE HAND (TUH)!

Possiblilities With The ULTIMATE HAND (TUH):

  • Create Vanishes, Appearances and Changes of Small Objects ANY TME and ANYWHERE!
  • Can be done Nearly Surrounded to Surrounded!
  • No Special Clothing Required!
  • No Magnets
  • No Pulls
  • No Strings or IT
  • No Rough or Smooth
  • No Sticky Stuff
  • Nothing to build or construct — You ALREADY OWN everything needed which is not supplied with this trick!
  • FREE – Empty Box included so you can put YOUR hands in and perform INSTANTLY as soon as you take them out of the box!

Sample Effect (Just one of Thousands Possible with The ULTIMATE HAND – TUH):
Explaining that due to Global Warming all earth’s air is actually getting less dense, the Magician (That’s YOU!) reaches into the THIN air and seemingly plucks a silver dollar from nowhere! He then hands the coin to a spectator (yes it is a REAL silver dollar!) and they confirm it is real! Next – and this is EXACTLY as it appears to your audience — The magician hands his HANDS out to the audience for inspection! Re-read that! Your HANDS are examined by the spectator! Nothing is found even by the most discerning in the crowd. Then – the silver dollar is returned to the magi who, holding the coin in his right hand, “passes” it into his left hand, which makes a fist around the “coin”. The right hand (not examinable at this moment) moves slowly and naturally to the right pocket to secure some Magic Invisible Antimatter Dust (invisible dust included). The “Dust” being sprinkled over the closed left hand, along with an incantation of magical words, causes all the magic (Along with Stevens Magic’s – The ULTIMATE HAND)! SLOWLY the left fist is opened and the dollar is GONE! Both of performer’s hands may be IMMEDIATELY INSPECTED AGAIN!

Difficulty Rating: Right HAND ** (Beginner for Most) Left HAND ***** (Difficult for Most)
Note: If you are naturally left handed reverse the difficulty levels referenced above for you.)

Super Savings OFFER: Buy Bobo’s Modern Coin Magic and we’ll include The ULTIMATE HAND (TUH) absolutely FREE!  

For the first 100 Buyers: The REAL FLOATING GHOST (RFG), will be included with your order including the white balloon, 90-pound test fishing line, and all instructions for making this realistic ghost effect in your own living room in total darkness! (Supply your own white sheet).

Professional Magicians KNOW the secret to success in magic is WORK and PRACTICE, Thinking and Performing! Now you can do exactly what the pros do with the special instructions found in The ULTIMATE HAND!

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