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While many books on magic are published every year, very few contain professional routines. This book does. In its pages you will find the very routines with which Ron Wilson, The Uncanny Scot, has made his living for many years. Famous the world over as one of the most versatile magicians alive, Ron Wilson’s most cherished secrets are described in great detail by magic’s foremost author and illustrator, Richard Kaufman.

Contents (courtesy Deitrick Keller at

9 Foreword (John Thompson)
10 The Scot’s Life (John Booth)
11 Introduction – a Conversation with Ron Wilson
11 – Close-Up Opener
12 – Invisible Deck Presentation
14 – THe Portable Servante
16 – Bagpipes
18 – Multiplying Bottles

20 Close Up Card Magic
20 The Highland Hop: two presentations
25 Way Out of this World
29 To Pay the Price
31 Memphis Marvel
34 Riffle-Up Lift

37 The Color-Changing Silk
37 The Color-Changing Silk: two presentations

50 The Castle Act
50 Miracle Micro-Macro
58 Whispering Queen
61 The Scot’s Card in Wallet: with the Five Percent Repeat
69 Just Look at a Card
72 A Vanishing Deck
78 The Uncanny Chop Cup

86 Standup Mental Magic
86 Second Sight
89 Hoy’s Legacy
92 Psychic Bandleader
95 A Hand to Remember: with deck switch
98 Confabulous!

104 Finger Ring Magic
104 ON Koran’s Ring Flight
109 Technicolor Ring Flight
111 The Finger Rings That Link
122 Flight of the Phoenix

128 Restorations
128 Double Restoration Rope
130 T.A.R.C.P. – Torn and Restored Cigarette Paper
135 Slow Motion Paper Tear

Publisher: Kaufman and Greenberg
Pages: 160
Location: New York, USA
Dimensions: 9″x11″
Date: 1987
Binding: hardbound

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