The Walkabout Mentalist Toolbox – Richard Webster (book)


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Learn from the master… This is a 90-page softback book that loaded with material you will use. It’s all within this book; Pendulum, Self-Improvement, Affirmations, Contact Mindreading, Crystals, Psychic effects, Numerology and Tarot, Psychic Lessons, Your Lucky Number, The Double Balducci Tarot, Numerological Tarot, Compatico, ESP Math, Mnemonics and Memory, Any Day for Any Date, Joke Memory, Entertainment Readings, Psychometry Readers, Dice Readings, How to Get Started and Further suggested readings—and MORE!

In his Walkabout Mentalism, Richard uses mentalism, psychic experiments and a variety of readings, jokes and even magic to provide a unique entertainment experience. Richard explains exactly what he does and teaches many of his closeup and walkabout effects. As a bonus, he includes his Joke Memory, which he uses for close-up, stage performances and even corporate talks.

Richard Webster is as knowledgeable as he is loved and respected by his peers and friends.  Richard has written hundreds of books on the art of mentalism and has collaborated in some fashion either as a consultant or on a project manager with  other respected names in the field of mentalism.  He is on a very short list as one of the go to authorities in our art.

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