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An ingenious gimmick that turns ANY normal wallet (with at least one credit card slot) into a ‘Signed Card To Wallet’ utility.

The Wallet Transformer allows you to show a single playing card tucked inside your wallet. In the cleanest manner imaginable you pull the card out to show that it is the SIGNED card belonging to your spectator that everyone believed was lost in the deck.


Cameron Francis has created an incredible solution to the ‘gaffed wallet’ syndrome – you know that crazy need to buy heavily gaffed wallets so that you can perform ‘signed card to wallet’. With The Wallet Transformer you can make ANY wallet into a performing beast. You can move the gimmick from wallet to wallet. You can be prepped and ready to perform one of the strongest effects in magic at any time.

The gimmick can be fitted into ANY wallet (with at least a single credit card slot).
The gimmick can be moved between different wallets in seconds.
Makes performing ‘Signed Card To Wallet’ incredibly easy!
Fits in hip wallets, checkbook style wallets and dress wallets
Package comes with two gimmicks, so you have a spare (or can prepare TWO wallets!)
No Elastic thread, No rubber bands

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