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SME Exclusive! It won’t last – so lock your set in now.  We are very excited to have been chosen to distribute this product (along with Brian) exclusively! Thanks to Brian Watson! Nickel plate was chosen for it’s warm “yellowish” glow as opossed to the “blueish” hue that chrome plate has which is somewhat harsh. Nickel plate is a softer look, closer to a silver look.

“I was working with my WATSON CUPS today and they are perfect in all dimensions stylistically and methodologically… these are by far the worlds most practical tools for the cups and balls… And Brian’s routine is world-class and his superior routine I recommend to all of our students here at the MYSTERY SCHOOL” Jeff McBride

“My heavy nickel plated cups arrived last week from Brian Watson and they are well worth the price. The cups are a nice weight which make them easy to handle and the design makes them easy to grip. They have a beautiful mirror finish and can hold a large load. I highly recommend you order a set as soon as Brian creates more in this finish and the British pound regains it value against the US dollar” – Bill Winters

Weighing in a 1lb of polished copper, these looks beautiful, feel amazing to work with and handle like butter!  We find them absolutely gorgeous, unique and right on par with Brian’s standard of quality! The Watson cups were specifically designed by Brian Watson as a true workers cup, not only improving you existing handling but also many of the new sleights and moves Brian has created (featured in his Anytime, Anywhere cups & Balls double DVD and his Cupdate series 1&2) work with most newer style of cups, however Bri has designed these cups to work perfectly.

Brian Watson

Picture by David Moss
Magician Brian Watson

Stealing balls from the saddle, Bri’s no sleight 3 ball appearance, the Watson Revolution etc. all work perfectly and these cups handle like butter out of the bag. Beautifully weighted and balanced and crafted out of a copper, they handle as easily as a small set of cups even though they will take 3 x 1 1/8″ (1″ core with 1/8″ jacket) balls on the saddle and in the attic and a tennis ball size final load!  Each cup weighs 5.7 ounces and has a 3″ mouth.  The complete set with the bag, cups and balls weighs just under 1.5lbs.

Note: Cups will be supplied with a set of red 1 1/8″ working balls. Blue balls and final loads for illustration purposes only. Also available in Polished Copper!

“Their quality and craftsmanship shine through immediately on first view, and they handle so incredibly beautifully. These cups are both objects d’art and a worker’s dream.” Paul Craven

“I can only conclude that Brian Watson is actually part Time Lord, as these cups seem to have a Tardis like quality. It is rare when one’s high expectations are fully met, but this is rarer still, in that my expectations were actually exceeded by the reality.” – Tom Pilling

“Brian’s cups are fantastic, they feel and handle great, the look amazing and the quality is simply superb, the final load size is good (a standard tennis ball) and I think they are very deceptive. The cups do not look large enough to hold a tennis ball and certainly not three balls whilst nested – yet they do.”David Matkin

“Can’t say that I have ever been more pleased with any magic purchase. With a collection of more than 50 sets of cups, I can emphatically state that the Watson Cups are my new favorites hands down.” Doug James

“The Watson Cups are a dream. They handle beautifully, take a good load, look lovely and catch attention.”Charlie Burgess

“I bought Brian’s cups to learn the routine with and boy am I glad that I did. When you buy a set, I equate it to taking your driving test in a Ferrari. Devastatingly elegant, beautifully smooth and a wonderful finish.”Mark Simpson

“Well I’ve gotta say these are by far the best cups I’ve handled in a long time. Also they are awesome enough to produce a tennis ball for final loads. Truly a work of art and a pleasure to handle and own.”Mike Basehore

“I’ve been doing cups and balls for maybe 15 years and the Brian Watson’s Heavy Nickel Plate are in my opinion, the most versatile cups on the market!”Juan Drake

“The craftsmanship is beautiful and the Customer Service wonderful. A must have!”Jim Nagel

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