The Watson “Heavies” Cups Limited Edition in Polished Copper


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These Won’t Last Long! 

The Watson Heavies Limited Edition. Same buttery smooth handling as the regular Watson cups, however, spun in 2mm copper so twice as thick, twice as heavy! Weighing in at over 800 grams (over 1.75 lbs) a set, these feel exquisite to handle and work with. Mirror Polished Copper, with balls & Bag with bespoke toggles.

The Watson cups have been designed from the ground up and from thousands of performances to improve all your cups and balls routines, sleights and moves!  Beautifully made in mirror polished copper, these looks beautiful, feel amazing to work with and handle like butter! The Watson cups were specifically designed by Brian Watson as a true workers cup, not only improving you existing handling but also many of the new sleights and moves Brian has created (featured in his Anytime, Anywhere cups & Balls double DVD and his Cupdate series 1&2) work with most newer style of cups, however Bri has designed these cups to work perfectly. Stealing balls from the saddle, Bri’s no sleight 3-ball appearance, the Watson Revolution etc., all work perfectly and these cups handle like butter out of the bag.

Beautifully weighted and balanced and crafted out of a copper, they handle as easily as a small set of cups even though they will take 3 x 1 1/8″ (1″ core with 1/8″ jacket) balls on the saddle and in the attic and a tennis ball size final load! Each set comes with cups, balls and bag with custom bespoke toggles.

This is nothing less than absolute perfection in a bag! 

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1 review for The Watson “Heavies” Cups Limited Edition in Polished Copper

  1. Sidney (verified owner)

    A superb, wonderful set of cups and balls. So far, these are the ultimate of the Watson Cups: weighing between 9.6 and 9.9 ounce. They accommodate a 1 1/8 inch working ball, and a tennis ball load fits in smoothly – filling the entire inside space. On top of that, they make a bright ringing sound. The cherry on top is the heavy corduroy bag with cast hands holding cups on the ends of the drawstring. I think the search for cups is over for me.

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