The Weerdist On Stage, Volume I (Hilford) (DVD)

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NOW AVAILABLE FROM FLORA PRODUCTIONS…Watch this DVD if you dare, and learn the secrets of two of the strangest tales ever told.

  • POSSESSED I takes you into the world of wonders in which a ring can possess just part of a body, manifesting psychic abilities and leaving a chilling climax in its wake.
  • UNLEADED UNDEADED is a tale of vehicular homicide solved with the help of the audience, with a grisly revelation.

Yes, this is the good stuff. You’ll learn all of the secrets of the above tales from the Master of Bizarre, the Wizard of Weerdness-Docc Hilford. The performance segments were shot during live performances in the Timothy Maguire Theater. If you like Bizarre Magick and want to see where it is going in the future this DVD is for you!

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