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Note: Due to it’s weight and dims additional shipping will be required post order submission.

It’s back, after a more than 5-year hiatus: The White Box is a mechanical switching / forcing box that’s 100% foolproof!  The original White Box was discontinued back in 2015. Since that time, many performers have requested that we make it available, once again. Done!


The White Box is an OM (Otis Manning) style switching (billet) box that allows you to switch audience billets for prepared billets. As a result, you can force one or multiple pieces of information. The physical design is based upon an actual entry/ballot box, making it seem quite common. But the box hides a powerful secret, making it one of the most deceptive, easiest to use, and reliable methods for a performer to deduce information that appears to have been provided by the audience.

Yes, there are a few switching/forcing devices available in our community, some of which are less costly. However, The White Box has been designed with several important distinctions:

Most importantly, The White Box is securely locked. This feature provides two important benefits, First, it allows you to leave the box, alone, with an audience for extended periods of time (prior to a show, during an intermission, etc.), without fear of investigation and/or tampering. The padlock adds a secondary benefit – the perception that the box is completely secure, eliminating any possibility that the performer can somehow access its contents.

As demonstrated by the number of performers who continue to use their original White Box more than a decade later, the box is designed to last! Each White Box is individually fabricated (by hand) in acrylic, using precise laser-cut parts and industrial-strength bonding. So, as long as you don’t forget it on your car roof and drive off (been there. done that!), this should last a lifetime!

The White Box is small enough to travel (9″ tall x 8″ wide/deep), and will fit easily into the overhead bin of most commercial aircraft. And it’s the perfect size for both intimate (smaller group) performance settings, as well as much larger venues where well over 100 billets can easily be accommodated (maximum billet capacity is a function of billet size and paper weight).

So, what’s changed since the original release? Very little – which should give you an idea of just how functional and reliable a device this has been! We have modified the construction, slightly, allowing for fewer seams and a more streamlined look. And your White Box now comes with a soft-sided carrying case. Otherwise, it’s the same workhorse as the original!

A detailed and updated manual is included with your kit. The PDF includes handling instructions as well as several routines, subtleties and thought-starters. One of the new additions is an updated response to a commonly asked question: “Can I perform a Q&A with The White Box?” Yes, you can! And we’ll offer a few different and new ideas on how to accomplish this!  What is also top of line is the post-purchase support you will have access to via Eric Samuels.  You won’t find anyone more committed to providing you with the custom attention, care and consultation as Eric Samuels. 

Here’s what some pros have to say about The White Box:

“Classic Eric brilliance. This prop looks utterly innocent whilst executing its ingenious purpose with perfection. There are things I love and things I will actually use. This is both. Thank you for updating this concept so it doesn’t feel out of place with real audiences.” – Colin McLeod

“…This has been used in every single one of my public theatre shows for circa fifteen years now, and I’ll be first in line to buy this one too.” – David Meade

“I used the white box as my go to switching device on my Brainhacker tour and can’t recommend it highly enough.” – Keith Barry

“The smooth operation of the white box is beautiful. If you need to switch a large amount of billets on stage then this is the way to go. Fantastic work as always Eric Samuels. – Looch

“I’ve owned Eric’s original White Box since it’s creation, and it remains a go-to utility device for my biggest stage shows. It looks exactly like a securely locked ballot box! The White Box is elegantly innocent, allowing multiple forces effortlessly so I can concentrate on my show. Highly recommended!” – Brett Barry

“I have used The White Box for several years in my stage show. The handling is very easy, and the box is totally innocent from the audience’s point of view. The box itself is beautifully made and looks great on stage.” Vidar Hansen

“The White Box is simply the best force box I’ve ever come across. It looks and feels exclusive while at the same time being innocent and not attracting any attention. I’ve been using mine for years, and as with all of Eric’s product, the quality is 10/10!” – Mikael Hedne

“I have appreciated the simplicity and fairness of Eric’s White Box for a killer Confabulation routine. In my routine I never touch the box that the spectator retrieves the forced billets from. This is a practical prop for the working pro. And as always, you receive Eric’s excellent suggestions.” – Lou Leventhal

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