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“I think it is quite marvelous with uses far beyond the standard. It becomes an indispensable mini prop for dozens of new effects. If you like a band writer, you’ll adore this twist.” – Marc Salem  

The Witch’s Nail is the first double tipped, two color adjustable band writer ever made! Constructed of high strength stainless steel and hand painted in three different skin tones! Flexible to fit all thumb sizes with easy to replace custom sized leads. Oh, and DID WE MENTION – it’s MAGNETIC Too? The Witch’s Nail allows for all traditional thumb writer effects plus a whole new world of opportunities. This angled second writing tip will allow you to have a second colored writing tool at the ready.

Comes with an incredible 28-page PDF download that features detailed routines chock full of illustrations, visual aides, diagrams, images and more.  This PDF alone has tremendous value regards to teaching powerful presentations using these powerful tools!

Possible Routine Ideas include: Add-a-numbers, confabulations, general predictions, drawing duplications & more! The purchase of the Witch’s Nail comes with a private Facebook group already filled with professionals sharing ideas!  The included PDF manual contains 7 ready to go routines, proper usage, maintenance and tips & suggestions. The Witch’s Nail & accompanying Manual has been endorsed by the following professional mentalists:

Witches Nail Writer

Joe Curcillo “The Mind Shark”– “The Witch’s Nail is a power tool that adds an amazing layer of wonder to the Swami. Simply wicked!” 

Jon Stetson – America’s Master Mentalist – “The Witch’s Nail went “write” into my working case. I love it!”

James Mapes Author of “Imagine That!” – “I’ve been using the Swami Gimmick since 1975 as a center piece for my show, It is one of the most powerful tools a mentalist can have. With “The Witches Nail,” Christopher Bolter has come up with one of the most original and powerful ideas I have ever seen. Do yourself a favor, buy it now and add it to your arsenal of incredible possibilities.” –James Mapes, “Master of the Imagination,” best-selling author & Winner of the 2018 Melbourne Christopher Award for excellence in mentalism/hypnosis.

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