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The “Devil’s Hank” has been a standard utility prop in nearly every magician’s repertoire for a very long time. There have been very few improvements over the years – they have been made larger, there is a “corner pocket” version and a couple of “Pro” models that are not really so very different from the original. There is a version of the Devil’s Hank that has 2 pockets. The Wizard’s Hank is a truly innovative upgrade to every version of this classic on the market today.

The Wizard’s Hank will allow you to do anything that can be done with a “standard” Devil’s hank and much more! Make a Silk Appear or Vanish or Change Colors – up to FOUR times! Do a very nice version of the Silk Blendo. Vanish a Card, a Watch, a Ball or any other Small object in the folds of this amazing Utility Prop! It even has a Special Pocket Built into it to allow you to do the Vanishing Wine Glass.

Another specially designed Pocket allows you to Vanish any Ring or Coin up to Half Dollar size without fear of the ring/coin falling out at the pocket at the wrong time – the ability to quickly switch from one Ring to another or to a Coin of your choice is one of the strongest features of the Wizard’s Hank.

© Copyright May 2016 – 2019 – Douglas Eash

About Doug:

I became interested in Magic when I was about 12 years old. I took lessons for 3 years – that was 47 years ago and have been performing ever since. I attended Abbott’s Magic Get Togethers in Colon, MI throughout my teen years before joining the US Air Force after graduating High School in 1978. At 15, as a sophomore in High School, I performed before 3,500 people in the auditorium at Indiana State University. While in the Air Force, I was the half-time entertainment for a semi-pro Basketball Game in Minot, ND and won the Minot Air Force Base Talent contest twice. I now live in Bennington, Vermont and I perform Stage, Cabaret and Close-up Magic and Mentalism throughout the North East from Maine to New York State.

I got the idea for the Wizard’s Hank after being frustrated by having to have a different prop for a number of effects that I was doing during the same show. The props were very similar, so why did I need to keep changing from a Devil’s Hank to a hanky with a coin sewn into the corner and then pull out yet another gimmicked hank in order to vanish a wine glass? When I wanted to perform a close-up version of a Mis-Made Flag for Walk-Around at a Veteran’s Home I decided to combine them altogether and that idea became the Wizard’s Hank.

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