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The Best Ice-Breaker you HAVE to have at this PRICE! 

Magicians love ice-breakers and hands down this is one of the best you will ever find. It’s a fact! The YOT is the arguably one of the best puzzle’s ever constructed. Being that our clients are magicians, chances are very good that you have seen this item before, which is a good thing! Because if so, you are well aware of the devious application involved as well as supreme craftsmanship of it.

Suggested Routine: First start of with a different coin effect – say Scotch & Soda, Split-Coin, etc. Then when finished, inform the audience members the next coin effect is simply amazing! In fact, it is THE GREATEST MAGIC EFFECT EVER!

The magician introduces a circular object made of aluminum that has a smaller circular handle with a lid. He removes the top lid and inside is an Eisenhower silver dollar, which if desired can be removed completely from the base. Then the magician states, that in a few moments he is going to hand the circular unit to a spectator and have them remove the coin to start the most incredible coin effect ever seen!

With the coin back inside the magician closes the lid and then shows the audience how to open the lid. The magician does this several times, being redundant for a purpose. Open and closing, and opening and closing etc. Now comes the magic! He hands the YOT to a spectator sitting close-by and instructs them to open it and remove the silver dollar! While the spectator attempts to do this you continue to elaborate about how impressive this feat of magic is – really building it up.

But of course, the problem is the spectator can’t open the lid? How can the magic effect start with out the coin? The magician slides the unit back to himself and again with no trouble at all – opens it clearly in front of everyone! He states how important it is that someone else hands him the coin first and closes the lid, and then again, opens it several times. Stating, it’s very easy you just lift “up” on the lid (obviously milking the issue at this point). Then returns it to another spectator who again – can’t open the YOT!

The magician states – “Oh this is so unfortunate – as if you could only see the magic effect I was about to perform it would be life-changing something you never would forget!” Suggest you “milk” this a little more until finally you relent and state okay, man that’s too bad I can’t show you this coin trick – but How bout a Card Trick?

With very little practice, one can (in front of everyone) master the YOT and open it without detection. This is something that will drive people crazy. There are subtle nuisances – that are so easy to incorporate to ensure success. The item is “self-working” with the exception of one very little scientific principle that you the performer serve up!  One important point, after you have shown how easy it is to open the YOT, put the lid back on and make sure you pick it up and lightly move it in the air back and forth. Do this is in a natural manner as you are handing The Yot to the spectator.  This is VERY important.  Because if you fail to do this, the spectator will possibly be able to open it.  This is what I refer to above as one of the “subtle nuances.”

Of course, if you don’t like the suggested routine – stick with the age old puzzle aspect of the YOT. But I have had a lot of fun using the routine. Regardless, the quality of this product is exceptional. It’s been around for years, but chances are if you had one, you may not have it anymore, and it’s still as powerful and fun today as it was when it first came out.

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