They Key to Hypnotism by Robert G Ellsworth – Book 1902 – Heldman Estate


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Hardback. Good Condition. 1 page slightly Damaged.

First Edition:

Table of Contents:
The History of Hypnotism
Hypnotism vs Mesmerism
Stages in Hypnotism
Hypnotic Subjects
To Become a Hypnotist
The Hypnotic Sleep
The Principle Of Suggestion
Advanced Experiments
Post-Hypnotic Suggestions
Mesmeric Subjects
To Succeed as a Mesmerist
Method of Practice
Antagonistic Subjects
The Mesmeric Sleep
To Deepen the Sleep
To Awaken the Subject
The Hypnotists of India
Curious Self-Hypnotic Experiences
To Induce Auto Suggestions
Extraordinary Results of “Willing”
Training the Psychic Faculties
Automatic Writing
Magnetic Healing
To Hypnotize in Public

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