Thought Transmitter Pro V3 – by John Cornelius


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John Cornelius’s passed April 22nd 2019. He remains of magic’s most recognized creative minds – Joe Stevens.

As true as that statement is I think that 90% of Stevens Magic clients already are familiar with this item – Thought Transmitter. For me, it was another application of his signature methodology – hidden in plain site – modus operandi.

His contributions are legendary but sadly he was in my mind probably the most under-appreciated and disrespected minds in the art. Many of his products had the potential to and in fact did become top selling commercial effects in the world of magic. Pen through bill – was one of his brain children – and item that I would venture has sold over a million units worldwide. Unfortunately John didn’t enjoy but a very small percentage of those sales (that came from selling his original products in the 80’s, 90’s and into the 2000). The lion share of those sells and profit filled the coffers of other people and companies replicating and selling it – without even a mention of his name.

Thought transmitter Pro V3 does what no other wallet in the world does.

Effect: A spectator writes down a word or draws something on the back of his business card. The card is then placed between two opaque cards in an opaque wallet. There is no way to see inside of the wallet. You could even put rubber bands around the wallet, and drop it in a clear zip lock bag to prevent manipulation.

Now without opening the wallet, the magician is able to divine the instant, the written thought at any time desired. Wallet can be freely handled as there are no hidden flaps, mirrors, slides, or any of the typical methods. The TTPV3 is the most straight forward and natural way to retrieve a thought!
With the new Thought Transmitter Pro V3 you are able to carry credit cards, your drivers license, money etc. inside the wallet.

Comes with everything you need to start performing right out of the box. Includes online instructions with multiple routines!

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