Thoughts From Vegas 2016

Thoughts From Vegas 2016 – Ted Karmilovich


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These are Ted Karmilovich’s sold-out lecture notes from the recent Mindvention in Las Vegas. Included in these notes (which are completely different from the original Thoughts From Vegas 2011 which is no longer in print) are:

Celebrity Gazer

Pages are ripped from a current celebrity magazine and distributed to a number of audience members who are asked to simply think of any celebrity pictured on either side of the page. The performer accurately identifies each participant’s thoughts.

Boogie Board Banknite

A highly visible banknite routine involving 3 “dry erase” boards sealed in ZipLock bags.

Lottery Prediction

A favorite among those attending the lecture. The performer predicts the outcome of a lottery number chosen at random by three audience members. The prediction itself is an actual lottery ticket for that day’s performance. It can even be mailed in advance! A totally hands-off lottery prediction that uses no assistants, electronics, etc.

The Psychic Spectator Book Test

Four audience members are asked to think of words from four contemporary novels. The performer reveals three of the words and another audience member reveals the fourth!

3 Wallet Banknite

A wallet contains 3 envelopes labeled A, B, and C. Two audience members are asked to choose an envelope leaving the final one for the performer. One audience member ends up with a $1 bill. The other ends up with a $5 bill. The performer ends up with a $100 bill.

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