Three Button Monte


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Three Button Monte is a fun and clever way to engage with spectators and friends alike. “Step Right Up Ladies & Gentlemen – Today may be your lucky day to win some money! The “cough-cough” conman shows that ONLY one button of the three, lights the bulb on the box. After showing this, the spectator then gets to choose two buttons, from the three buttons – as to which two he thinks will turn on the light. If any of those TWO buttons light the bulb – CHHA-CHING the spectator gets the cash/prize.

Alas, the spectator(s) never can light up the bulb! After they choose two three bulbs that don’t light up, the Conman shows them it was the last button that lights up the bulb! Keep in mind – The spectator can change their decision each time and regardless of their choice of the two bulbs, it is always the other bulb that lights up the light. Such a pity – they never win… Plenty of laughs and great audience involvement. Battery operated. Lots of applications for trade show work as well.

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