Three Space Mystery


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From Steinmeyer’s The Conjuring Anthology, The Three Space Mystery, built with permission by Illusion Arts Magic. This gently used illusion is a real puzzler, and priced right. A girl enters a cabinet just large enough for her to fit, with her hands in full view. The cabinet is sealed and the performer inserts a hollow box right through the torso. But not satisfied with that, another box with a Plexiglas front is inserted sideways through the legs, leaving absolutely no room for the girl. The style of illusion you’ve come to expect from the fertile mind of Jim Steinmeyer. Accommodates 5’, 3” to 5’,6” assistant.

Entire illusion is 32 inches wide, 24 inches deep and is 70 inches tall. Breaks down for travel. Disassembled for shipping. Will be professional packaged for shipping. Once assembled, will easily fit in the back of a small SUV.

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