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These king-sized thumb tips are realistically designed by Vernet for all your magical routines. Please keep in mind KING size basically refers to a “longer thumb tip” not a wider one.

Ready for more confusing and fun trivia? The name of this product is – King Size Thumb Tip is equally misconstrued too! For good reason – as naturally people assume King Size means a larger girth size. In fact, the larger space is in the “length” of the Thumb Tip! So, if you have THICK thumbs, this is “NOT” the thumb tip you will probably want to buy. If you work with standard thumb tips, but would like one that features a larger, dare I write “load chamber” (that’s a funny term for a thumb tip huh), this is the model you should consider.

Of course there are methods for reducing the length of the tip and other adjustable features as well…. So concludes the interesting ad copy for the King Size – VerNET thumb tip! Thanks for reading this far! Mark Stevens

If you are looking for a wider thumb tip – it is also available it’s called the XX, HOWEVER, be fore warned, we have only seen about two people that had big enough thumbs to house it. It’s too bad that Vernet doesn’t make a wider tip that is not as wide as the XX, but wider than the standard.

There is all the gossip for today about thumb tips!

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