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This is a newer version of the classic Vernet thumb tip only I like it because it uses a softer material. This is the classic one, the world famous Vernet Thumb Tip. THE BEST EVER MADE! AN EXACT COPY OF A HUMAN THUMB. The Vernet Thumb Tip Classic is one of the most utility items in magic that allows you to perform miracle effects. It can be used in close-up, parlor, stage magic or mentalism. You can do vanishes, appearances, productions, transformations and restorations. It’s perfect for amateurs and professionals.

Trivia: Pronounced – “VER-NET” as in the basketball “net!” A little fun trivia about the often time incorrectly pronounced name of the company, which is world famous for crafting thumb tips and many other magic items in Argentina. For most people they assume the ‘t’ in Vernet, is silent. If you asked one of the owners of Vernet, which version is correct – they are very smart and savvy, and their reply with a smile is; “either one is correct!” HA! Michele and Greco are a class act that have been around for years. I was with them in 2004 in Sao Paulo where I asked that very question. We have known them for a long time prior to 2004. In fact, they saved the day at the FISM in Portugal when one event was on a large night boat and the food was in short supply. Everyone at the table – my mother Martha and my father Joe Stevens included, were starved and the boat was in the water! The Vernet Team took charge and saved the day! They should have the titled 007 Vernet!


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