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A Great Accessory for Sixth Sense 3.0!

The TIKI God’s are in the house!  Containing the MOST powerful magnet possible!  This is another authentic prop from Little Jimmy’s Prop Shop! And the TIKI is the GOD of all PK props because it contains an incredibly strong magnet.  Little Jimmy custom fabricates ALL his props from scratch.  It’s important to distinguish this so you know that when you purchase a prop from Little Jimmy, it is not something that has just been altered or customized. In fact if ever there was proof that this is the case it would be with this item!  How else could you get a magnet of this size and strength inside unless you created this item from scratch.

Each TIKI God has been personally ritualized by Little Jimmy himself, and comes in a nice carrying bag.  Check out some other varieties of PK accessories from Little Jimmy, but scrolling “ALL THE WAY” down to the bottom of this product page.

Note: this item does NOT come with any other magnets or PK accessories.  It does NOT come with instructions. This is not a complete effect in and of itself, it is a accessory that can be used in conjunction with a preferred magnetic system to do various effects, including but not limited to turning over while being held in someone else’s hand.

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