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Time of Day is back in stock and we are delighted with the new poker-size deck design printed on 310 gsm linen card stock. This is the ultimate magic trick for television and radio appearances as well as any close-up situation. It will blow people’s minds anytime, anywhere! Resets in seconds. We have taken what many have called “the best card trick in the world” and reimagined it so you can predict the Time of Day.

A prediction contained in a jute cloth bag, is placed in the hands of a random spectator. The spectator names a time of day out loud such as “5:45”. When the bag is opened, a deck of cards with specific times of day printed on them is revealed. One card is upside down and it is the time of day they named!

“Undeniably, one of the best effects as far as Radio Predictions go! This will get you booked!” – CHRIS RAMSAY│MAGICIAN

“I have been using this now for over a year both at magic conventions and at every walk-about gig I do. I review thousands of tricks and very few actually end up in my day to day showTIME OF DAY is one that has made it. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.” PAUL ROMHANY│VANISH – INTERNATIONAL MAGIC MAGAZINE


  • Jute cloth bag
  • Time of Day deck of cards
  • White tuck box
  • Instructions

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