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If we didn’t think it was special, believe me we wouldn’t carry it. Take your magic to the next level with the TK W Reel System – available at a great price.

Stevens Magic has a long vested relationships with Japanese magicians and suppliers and is very excited to introduce this exclusive item to our customers. Take has created something that any worker or person in the art immediately will recognize the power of.

Utilities in magic are some of the best-selling products in the art for good reason. They are a crucial ingredient toward a successful performance. Unlike a standard apparatus, utilities usually have the benefit of being more dynamic! That means that with creativity of thought, an artist that find a multitude of ways to utilize a successful utility that will provide the WOW factor. Compared to a piece of apparatus where often-times the routine is pretty much the same.

TK W Reel System as the name implies is both an exceptionally powerful utility and a system that can be applied in a multitude of ways. This system is truly unique and incredible in terms of the feats that can be performed while using TK W Reel System. Just a small video sample is provided for now. This item comes with an online link and password provided instructions that shows you visually the workings of the system and some of the things you can do that will make spectators jaws drop in wonder. Make people walking down the street immediately stop and do a double-take.

  • Perform a variety of levitations, suspensions and animations.
  • Incredible distances – TK W Reel System prodvides significant depth and distance often previously not available in the past.
  • Exceptionally versatile gimmick – allowing you to perform in virtually any setting.
  • Come with a link and password where you can access the video instructional.

If we didn’t think it was special, believe me we wouldn’t carry it. Take your magic to the next level with the TK W Reel System

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1 review for TK W Reel System – Take (Japan) – CL

  1. JONATHAN TODD (verified owner)

    People this is WAY better than you think it is. I am THRILLED with this unit. To be clear – it has TWO individual reels linked. Take a pack of cards and place a reel on the left, and another on the right. Tie the threads together. Then make a system that allows you to touch the top and just grab the thread without fuss every time. The prop supplied with the reels is a holder that exactly fits in a deck of cards. It can also be in a pocket or on the table. The ability to have a tensioned system with two opposing reels is brilliant and affords incredible options. I have not seen anything quite like this. I am doing a couple of card tricks, then put the box of cards in my pocket and as an afterthought bring it out(switch for the box with the TK-W system in it) and leave it on the table. Then say – Oh – better than another card trick – may I borrow your wedding ring? Switch done. Card box looks like the one you were just using and is not under any suspicion. Instant grab of thread is sure every time – there is a recess the the thread floats over so your finger goes down and you are hooked up. This is one hell of a WORKER solution to ever-ready thread with an anchor. Feels like Kevlar thread and is very invisible and holds a ton. Easy to reset on breaking when it does happen. This is a 10/10 for me and I hope my review helps turn this on to others.

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