Tommy Wonder Jumbo Two Cup Set – with Pom-Pom Mirror


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Featuring new design, similar to what is featured on Tommy’s DVD! Available in 4″ Tall Stainless Mirror finish with the pom-pom set and balls!

Auke Van Dokum is in the house at Stevens Magic!  He brought his usual bag of “goodies” that he hand carried all the way from The Netherlands!  They tried to get him to store his carry one luggage but Auke would have none of it! HA! He guarded the contents like a true magic diplomat.  Now we can offer these to our customers thanks to our arrangement with Auke.

Auke Van Dokkum

Constructed under the watchful eye, Auke has a true affinity for quality and total understandable respect for Tommy Wonder.  Don’t miss this unique opportunity to get something truly special.

Please note, as usual supplies are always limited on Tommy Wonder products.


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