Tommy Wonder Jumbo Two Cup Set – with Pom-Pom Satin Matte Finish


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Anticipated restock scheduled for April 15th – 2021 – Stay Tuned for MORE details.

Featuring new design, similar to what is featured on Tommy’s DVD! Available in 4″ Tall Stainless Satin with the pom-pom set and balls!

The Satin Matte Finish is my personal favorite of all the various finishes we have offered in the past.  Some prefer mirror finish which is also beautiful.   But there is something beautifully understated about the matte finish.   These are the same as the units we have sold in the past in conjunction with Auke Van Dokkum.   Supplies are limited and at this time we are making the project known. Please note these are top quality all the way.  Only consider this set if you want a premium set.  Don’t miss this unique opportunity to get something truly special.

Please note, as usual supplies are always limited on Tommy Wonder products.


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