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From Shigeo Futugawa and Ton Onosaka. The magician produces four cards showing that three of them have letters on the faces, however, the fourth card, which has a different colored back, remains face down. The remaining three letter cards are then arranged by the magician to spell out the word “POT.” The fourth card in then finally turned over and on its face is a photo of teapot, which matches the spelling of the cards.

Next the magician takes the letter cards and arranges a completely different word, which is reads, TOP! But what about the picture card? The magician turns it over and now it has changed to have a photo of a spinning top!

For a grand finale the magician gives the back of the card a “snap” and a real top, made of wood drops out on the spectator’s hand. The photo on the card that was previously shown has now morphed into a solid, physical spinning top – which can be handed out for examination!

Finally, the picture card is turned over one last time, and now only shows the “outline” of the top that was previously seen on the card!

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