Top Hat & Table Base


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We used to sell these years ago, and at that time, they cost a lot more money!  This is the perfect, classic accessory for any stage performer.  Whether you are a manipulator and use it to dump your cards and/or balls, or any other small effect(s) – it will serve you well.

This item comes with the Eureka Table Base!  So that’s a double duty prop right there.  Of course, you will want to use the Table Base when you are using the hat, but you also have the ability to just unscrew the Top Hat and use the Table Base for other tables.

The High Impact Black Plastic Top Hat Table adjust up to 59 inches. The Top Hat itself is 7 inches tall. The Brim is 11 x 13 inches. Table Base folds down to 26 inches. The height is under your control at all times during your show.

  • Designed legs spread large for stable platform use.
  • Chromium Plated Silver to last!
  • 22 inch Leg Wing Spread!
  • Adjustable Height Knob!
  • All 3 Legs Fold Inward to a Locking Position!

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