Topsy Turvy Bottles

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One of the classics of magic is back again.

For the past four years we received almost weekly inquiries from customers looking for quality sets of Topsy Turvy Bottles. Why do so many people request this item? The answer is simple, very few effects offer so many benefits (comedy, ice breakers, participant and audience interaction and a baffling magical outcome).

Effect: The magician holds one bottle covered by a red tube. An assistant or spectator holds a second bottle covered by another red tube. The tubes are tilted upside down, back and forth with the spectator duplicating the magicians every move. However, upon raising the tubes the magicians and the spectators bottles are not in the same position; one is upright the other upside down. This can be repeated as often as desired, much to the annoyance of the volunteer and the amusement of the audience. Or there’s this…Sometimes at parties you can ask the person booking you who in the crowd has a good sense of humor so you (and everyone else) have fun giving him a sobriety test using this effect. This always plays big with friends and this effect is perfect for such occasions.

Performance time varies from 30 seconds to minutes depending on how long you want to “milk” it. Great comedy and fun. Long off the market and in demand- don’t hesitate. While the tubes are not made from metal, the bottles are and of a very good quality.

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