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“Very Impressive, Shawn!” -Ellen Degeneres

“Torn 2 Pieces transcends a magic trick and becomes real magic- it alters someone’s reality in a permanent way, and is a timeless effect that I plan to use.” -Joshua Jay

“Melting people’s brains isn’t really my thing… but if it was, I’d perform Torn 2 Pieces.” -Eric Buss

“Torn 2 Pieces is the perfect MIRACLE for any event.” -ICE McDonald

“I’ve performed Torn 2 Pieces with the photo of a CEO of a very big corporation and people could not stop talking about it afterwards! ” -Johan Stahl

“Torn and restored plots are the crack/cocaine of magic. T2P is top quality Breaking Bad kinda stuff. I’m pretty sure this trick is made in an RV somewhere in the desert. (Translation: It’s damn good!)” -Bizzaro

“A true example of thinking out of the box! The method is so far beyond the scope of reason, that what really gets Torn 2 Pieces is the mind of the spectator with no hopes of repairing any thread of reality after witnessing such an unexpected and personal effect.” -Michael Dardant

“Shawn fooled me badly with his T2P. I’ve made it my close-up opener and have performed it literally thousands of times; most of the time the reaction is so strong that I stop there and it becomes my closer as well.” -Vincent Hedan

“Shawn Farquhar’s Torn 2 Pieces is astonishing, and the epitome of memorable. It’s what magic should be.” -David Regal

“Torn 2 Pieces is a professional routine from a real working pro. As great as it looks on film, it is even more amazing live and leaves your spectator with an amazing souvenir that traps the moment of magic in time forever. This is the kind of routine that other professionals get excited about because its practical and it leaves a powerful impression long after your gone. If you’re looking for jaw dropping magic then look no further.” -Chris Randall

“This is what magic should look like!” -Tony Chris

“Torn 2 Pieces is a really great trick and I wish Shawn would just keep quite about it.” -Stephen Bargatze

“Torn 2 Pieces is simply brilliant. A perfect combination of strong magic with a touch of emotion. Your audience will love it!” -Boris Wild

“Torn 2 Pieces is much more than a trick; it’s a way for me to create a magical moment in time with my audience that they’ll never forget. It’s a must have for any serious Magical entertainer.” -Oscar Munoz

“The impact on the audience is priceless.” -Sean Bogunia

“The reaction is almost visceral and I haven’t left it out of a close-up show since I started doing it several years ago.” -Marc DeSouza

“This is so commercial!” -David Penn

“This is really really strong. It really creates a personal moment with the audience. I’m going to do it with a picture of my dog.” -Craig Petty

“Torn 2 Pieces is my go-to close-up trick when I really have to impress someone. The gimmick is diabolical, the handling is foolproof and the response from spectators is jaw-dropping! It’s the ultimate magic souvenir.” -Mike Bent

“This is a fantastic effect that magicians can use to tell stories, make a point and use to entertain. I really like it, and Shawn Farquhar has got me inspired and thinking. I won’t be surprised if I find myself presenting this effect in the near future.” -Wayne Kawamoto

This is the killer effect Shawn had kept secret for over a decade. It’s the effect Shawn does when he wants to get a client to book him again and again!

A real photograph, signed by the spectator, is torn into four pieces. The signed photo is REALLY torn. Then in an instant all four pieces join together but in the wrong order leaving the spectator with a mismatched photo with their signature! That’s right, their signature is on the odd “almost restored” photo.

What you get?

A sample of the photograph

Adobe Photoshop and GIMP templates that are almost automatic

Jpeg’s of additional photo’s already prepared

A stock photo library

A detailed instructional DVD that explains how you can start doing this trick and customize it yourself

Please note

You will need access to an ink jet/laser printer or a digital photo center to make additional photo’s. Customization requires a computer and photo manipulation software. Templates in the DVD Rom section are in .psd and .xcf format. Recommended applications include Adobe® Photoshop CS2 through to CS5 and GIMP. The templates do not work properly with Adobe® Elements.

Running Time Approximately: 1hr 13min

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