Tornado Force – Robert Frederico


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This item will be available after August 20, 2017.

Spin and levitate a playing card on your finger tips and hands just like on the video! Show off your dexterity and skill just like a “Flashy Card Magician!” Tornado Force makes it easy !

  • Mesmerize your audience by levitating a playing card on your hand while spinning it!
  • Pass a folded dollar-bill or pen under the spinning playing card and watch the reaction on your spectators!
  • The precisely balanced playing card and gimmicks make it all possible.
  • Attach your own favorite playing card if desired with the enclosed magnets and mimic one of those very sensational and very popular Fidget Spinners!

Bonus effect is included!

Spin and levitate your own Fidget spinner! Awe your audience by using your own LED lighted spinner!

Totally visual magic for everyone regardless of skill level.

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