Tossed Out Deck by Cody Fisher


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This is quite possibly one of the best handlings for the “Tossed Out Deck” ever invented. The effect is KILLER and the method is completely self-working, allowing the performer to concentrate entirely on presentation!

Cody Fisher is known for creating effects that are for the “real world” performer. This is no exception! Cody has studied many variations of this effect and has combined all the best features and many ideas of his own into one killer version. Not to mention, his guaranteed standing ovation ending!

Effect: The performer has an audience member verify that a deck of cards is normal and that all the cards are different and in no particular order.

A rubber band is placed around the deck and it is tossed into the audience. Three volunteers each peek at a card and remember it. Without any questions, pumping, or fishing, the performer begins to give specific information to each volunteer about the card they are merely thinking of! For the grand finale, the performer simply names each card.

Think you know “Tossed Out Deck?” Think again! You are supplied with everything you need to perform this miracle:

-Specially Factory/Hand Made Deck Of Bicycle Cards
-Complete Audience Tested Routine

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