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Perfect for the reader or bizzarist.  Smart hypnotist know the best way to establish credibility is by incorporating Pseudo-Hypnotic effects early in their performance.  The psychological advantage of this is exponential in terms of benefit.  So too could this effect be done to achieve that essential quality of belief.  That is not to say that this is the only way to perform this unique effect – not at all…  It can also be performed anytime or as a stand-alone. I am just thinking out loud when I first learned of this new item from Magic Wagon, how it would fit perfectly if introduced early – just like pseudo-hypnosis effects are used early.

Effect: Two spectators are selected at random from your audience. They are then invited to pick up a mini deck of major Arcana tarot cards, examine and then thoroughly shuffle them. The performer then asks each spectator to confirm that they have never met before and that everything has been fair and above board. Now, each spectator is instructed to deal the tarot cards face up one at a time, counting aloud as they do so. Unbelievably, all of the 22 cards in each deck match exactly in perfect order, all the way through!

It really is an absolute miracle and as each card is dealt the effect becomes more and more unexplainable!

• The cards are genuinely shuffled by the spectators!
• The cards are not gimmicked in any way!
• At no time does the performer touch the cards!

UPDATED ADDITIONAL SUGGESTIONS: Hi Mark, got Total Serendipity and LOVE IT!  I will  create some engaging routines as this is essentially a utility device for vanishing, switching or producing small items such as coins, rings, folded cards, etc. allowing for numerous effects, for example; you can also pour several coins (all heads up) onto the tray and then ask two spectators to pick a coin (then place it in the compartment) and when you turn over all the coins in the tray, the spectator’s coins are the only two coins from the pile that have the same date! –  Barry Block

Total Serendipity measures approximately 9″ wide x 1.4″ high x 7.2″ deep  (23cms wide, 3.5cms high and 18.5cms deep) and has been completely handcrafted from natural aged teak wood with a lightly distressed oil finish.

This is, quite simply, one of the strongest effects Magic Wagon has ever devised!

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