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Bill Trotter Magic

License: Ad Copy, images and performance video used with permission of Andy Martin of

This effect was invented by Richard Himber and released as Himber’s Best c. 1959. This was not invented by Mr. Toyota or Yonezo Mikame.  At Stevens Magic we believe of all the pieces Mikame crafted this would definitely be on the Top Ten list of products most desired from Magicians.

Effect: Not only is the box a finely made wooden item, but the fun surprises inside are limitless. For example, the color of the card case can change and then change again!! One deck of cards not enough? Quickly find another and another inside the box. Not happy with your gift? Exchange a deck of cards for a shiny new cell phone or gorgeous silk scarf, all inside the box!!

You can use this box for mental magic. Have audience shuffle the deck of cards. Open the box and there is a prediction inside. It is not only said that what card is on top of the completely shuffled deck, but also next three cards, in the order!!

Easy to do deck switch without any suspicious movement. You don’t need to master misdirection techniques. In addition, the best feature of this box is the “shape.” Open up to a new experience in Toyota’s world!

Comes with the box and the instruction with example of use. Please use your own silk and deck.

IMPORTANT: Please Note Estate Items Do Not Qualify For Any SME Coupons.  While it may accept the coupon on checkout, we can’t honor it per our agreement with the owner of this estate.

Condition:  EXCELLENT  – NEVER USED – Stored in the SME catacombs.

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