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TP Prediction allows you to predict a chosen time of day and it also allow you to reveal your prediction in a very dramatic fashion. By working with any decent quality toliet paper, which is inherently funny, you can unroll the paper and reveal your prediction one digit at a time. This builds suspense and makes the final revelation that much stronger. Ted Outerbridge developed the routine to play a variety of venues from comedy clubs to casinos to cruise ships and theaters. It packs small and plays big and is visible from a large stage.

TP Prediction comes with a detailed script and instructions that include 20 years of refinements. A set-up pad is included and refills are easy to find 3 x 5 blank file cards. If you have ever tried to write or draw on toilet paper you know it’s next to impossible as the paper tears. We supply you with a stencil so that you can daub the prediction on using a magnum Sharpie (not supplied).


  • Prediction Stencils for TP (custom made in plastic).
  • Several different outcomes for repeated dates.
  • Set-up index cards and the complete detailed routine with built-in laughs refined for over 20 years.

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