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“It's ******* GREAT!” – Michael Weber

Stevens Magic is excited to add this offering to our extensive product line and finally work with David Moses and Iain Dunford!

TPR explores a new system for giving readings. It’s two-books-in-one, written by David Moses and Iain Dunford for the mentalism community. There’s not too much more we can tell you without giving away the powerful content at the heart of this original approach to giving readings and reading minds. Thus, we will let share others reviews below:

Copyright David Moses and Iain Dunford (Standard Copyright License) Issue First Edition Published June 14, 2013 Language English Sides 89 Binding Paperback with perfect binding Ink for indoor part of the book Monochrome Weight 0.18 kg Dimensions (cm) 15.24 wide x 22.86 high

“I think it is one of the best books on readings did I have ever read!” – Millard Longman  

I am a great fan of both Dave and Iain’s thinking in general. This idea is so reductionist and lovely, that I am in awe. It is perfect. Be forewarned you will be angry with yourself as well. I promise! – Sean Waters

This is really a fun and engaging read, written with a level of passion that’s all-too-rare. – Eric Samuels

It’s one of those ideas that will keep making you think, “Wow, I can do it this way!” or “Man, if I combine my knowledge of (insert your knowledge here) I can make up a very personal system!”.For lack of a better description, this is almost a thumbtip of a reading idea. You can do many, many things with it. – Greg Arce

Very Zenesque. Both of their approaches are examined and explained, both add much to this system. I think, if you are serious about readings, either learning them, learning how to do them better, or improving your own approach…their TPR will be of much value to you. I was a Tarot reader for many years in the ’70’s, a Platform Psychic in the ’80’s, and even a Telephone Psychic back in that Heyday…and I wish I’d had TPR would have made my life much easier in all of those venues. – Tom Jorgenson

First off, this is a great read and that is a criteria I take into consideration more and more these days. So excuse some bias on that level as enjoying myself while I read means something to me. TPR is something of a literary split-brain experiment that evoked wonder and laughter all the while teaching what is needed in clear and possibly subversive ways. But bottom line our boys have nailed something interesting here. It is fun and very flexible. It begs for interaction if you so choose and opens up multiple avenues of communication and possibility. Be your interests classic, mystical or psychological, TPR as a technique just makes a certain amount of organic sense and avails itself to so much of what I love most in mentalism. – Dr. Bill Cushman


I love Ritual and I LOVE TPR! With TPR you can create ritual and awe for your spectator or sitter.I love that TPR allows me to engage my intuition and improv skills. – TC Tahoe

There’s a fire burning in my head right now. Congrats to both Dave and Iain for a truly wonderful piece of work. I tend not to get too excited over much these days, but TPR has me really thrilled right now…there’s just so many great uses and practical applications here it’s INSANE! Gentlemen, I am in your debt. – Jerome Finley

This fits so amazingly well with many of the things that I’ve done – and AM doing – that I probably should hit MY forehead with a wooden mallet! Something really, truly NEW! How maddening to think that the pieces of this have been in front of my eyes for DECADES and I didn’t see them. It’s something that you can do with NO standard tools or gimmicks. If you have paper and a pencil/pen, you’re ready to go. – Ron Martin

Just received this today! you guys are freaking clever! (Is freaking a bad word? Well I’m Italian so I have excuses!). Great job, Iam really impressed, this is really a game changer. – Luca Volpe

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