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One of our top selling mental effects ever! A VH Original. I love this version because it is more condensed and offers a more modern pleasing aesthic.

A brass case with threaded lid and five brass squatty rods, numbered from one through five, are shown. Each rod has a different colored jewel embedded in its top. A spectator is invited to join in an experiment of thought transference using these simple props. The object: for the spectator to hide one of the numbered/jeweled rods within the brass case, sealing same and concealing the remainder of the rods from the Magi’s view in the special case. All this is done while the magician’s back is turned or he is out of the room. Upon his return, he immediately names the hidden rod within the sealed brass tube!

This may be repeated with equal success. Remember, nothing is added or taken away. No questions are asked. Self-Contained. Precision Craftsmanship. No weights, magnets, or secret slides. Comes with various presentations and special custom-fitted case. Viking products give you the power to create miracles with their precision workmanship. Do not accept cheap imitations. Look for our logo to confirm original product. You receive 5 brass squatty rods and a brass tube along with a custom carrying case.

EFFECT: The performer hands the carrying case out to a spectator and asks that they familiarize themselves with the contents. The find a brass tube with a screw-on lid and five brass rods, each adorned with a different set of colored grooves.

The performer turns his back (or leaves the area) as the spectator is instructed to remove ANY rod and insert it into the tube which is then sealed. The remaining rods are replaced in the case and the case closed and placed aside or in the spectator’s pocket. The performer now passes his hand over the sealed tube and after a few seconds names the selected colored rod! The effect may be immediately repeated.

Please note the following:

1. The performer does not ask any questions.
2. Any rod may be used and the effect may be immediately repeated.
3. There are no outside sources of info, like electronics, magnets, etc.
4. Can be performed surrounded.
5. You will be able to perform this within minutes of receiving it, but don’t. Work on the presentation as this is a killer effect. (Why do you think so many people have stolen this idea?). It’s Great!

You receive the custom case, polished brass rods and sealed tube along with explicit instructions.

Buy the ORIGINAL and support original thought.

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