Transparent Cups (Romero) (DVD)


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A FABULOUS EXCLUSIVE FROM STEVENS MAGIC, we are very proud to present this to the magic fraternity——Antonio Romero’s smash hit at 2009 Vegas Seminar and the most original & unique routine seen in years! A stunning routine of unparallel talent!  The cups and balls with CLEAR GLASSES-TRANSPARENT CUPS! Antonio breaks new ground in close up magic with this effect!  What an idea & what entertainment! QUOTE JOE STEVENS;   “In my lifetime, I’ve seen some of the greatest “CUPS N BALL” routines performed by Dai Vernon, Mike Ammar, John Thompson, Charlie Miller, Johnny Paul and the many others with brilliant routines and moves & sleights.  Antonio’s routine is smashing and completely blew me away!

You don’t need an expensive set of cups for the cups and balls routine!  Antonio has simplified it and oh how he has done it!”   THIS IS A MUST FOR ALL MAGICIANS!   YOU CAN ALWAYS BE READY ANYWHERE OR ANYTIME TO PERFORM THE CLASSIC OF MAGIC! ALL YOU NEED IS A FEW ARTICLES TO WORK WITH AND ANY GLASSES OR CUPS!   “ANTONIO BREAKS NEW GROUND IN CLOSE-UP MAGIC. WHAT A FABULOUS IDEA;  ARTURO DI ASCANIO   Don’t miss this item!  Even if you don’t do the Cups & Balls routine, you will want to enjoy the miracles that Antonio created with the number one classic effect in magic world!

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