Transposition Double Color Changing Morrison Pill Vase


Product Description

Stunningly beautiful. Instantly recognizable to those familiar with the art.  Featuring exquisite quality craftsmanship the likes of which very few can obtain. This is the definition of unique personified! Two beautifully hand-turned matching pill vases one of which houses a blue ball and the other one housed a red ball. The magician make a magical pass and then opens the top of the vase that previously housed the black ball, but now magically house the red ball! Can this be true? The color-change itself is impressive but it doesn’t stop there. The next vase that previously housed the red ball, is slowly opened and sure enough the blue ball now rests inside.

Very likely this is something most have never seen before and will not see again after production stops on these. Each one of these are exceptionally limited and crafted by Richard Spencer. This set also comes with the beautiful glass dome whose base includes rounded out sections for the two vases and two balls to rest securely on. The glass dome really add a boutique sensation to the piece as well as keeping it dust-free and secure. Here is your chance to own a jewel that any magician would dream for.

Size: Vase diameter – 2 ¾”; (7 cm) overall height – 6” (15.2 cm)
Material: Vases from Carob; balls from Rock Maple.
Finish: This piece was finished with a 3-part buffing system ending with Carnauba wax.
Identification: Each piece carry identifying decals on the base including craftsman’s name, wood used, and the number #00X on both pieces. One vase says 1 of 2, the other 2 of 2.
Craftsman: Richard Spencer

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