Traveler’s Journal – 2nd Edition


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Introduction by Christian Chelman – Forward by T. Everett Bookings III.  Check out other publications by Lary Kuehn at the bottom of this product page. 

Traveler’s Journal – The unusual quest of the Traveler! The new, second edition of Traveler’s Journal is now available. First released in 2007, Traveler’s Journal is an adventure both in storytelling and spooky stuff yet entertaining and practical to perform.

Just imagine a backsliding Druid chasing a criminal around the world creating havoc and pulling off bizarre effects wherever he happens to land. And he finds it in Brasil, Scotland, Wales, London, Mexico, Sri Lanka, The Dinè Nation, Louisiana, Luzern, Germany, Hawaii, Tokio, Singapore, Cumbria, Bucharest and Brussels.

Crystals that change color, a blank card becomes bloody, a wax seal suddenly appears, warm becomes cold, something “jumps” in an empty bag, a vampire’s tooth mark appears on a lady’s neck, a finger ring becomes mysteriously hot, a spirit inhabits a whiskey bottle, a photo portrait ages, a rock bleeds, and finally the criminal’s soul is trapped and embedded in a gemstone. This all makes perfect sense for Traveler!

Page Count: 132 including text
Interior: Black and White and Color
Language: English
Format: Perfect Bound Soft Cover
Dimensions: 9 x 6 US Trade Size
Introduction by Christian Chelman

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