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Traveler’s Zodiac Deck is once again available thanks to Lary Kuehn. This caused heck of a stir when it was first released in 2016. The design is based on the earlier unmarked deck that was briefly available in the 1970’s. The very sneaky marking system was created by Larry Becker and published in 1978 in his book Larry Becker’s World Of Super Mentalism. This marking system is used with his express personal permission and is part of the re-design of this new deck. You don’t have to mark your own cards or print them yourself.

Like the 2016 Traveler’s Zodiac Deck is available exclusively from Stevens Magic or the link listed below. It is printed by the same printer and from the original artwork.

Just mix and hand a set of the 12 signs to a sitter to select their sign. They place it face down in front of you. The minute you see the back of the card you instantly know their sign. Now you can give that person a reading based on their Astrological sign. You never touch the card or the rest of the packet once you hand it to the sitter.

Traveler’s Zodiac Deck contains three sets of 12 cards each in a custom printed and shrink wrapped box. Each set represents the twelve signs of the zodiac. Two of the sets have colored backs and the other is black and white. This is simply to give you a choice of which to use in doing readings. The deck comes with the instructions for a basic routine which can be played much “darker” or very lightly depending on your own performing style.

The cards are Poker Size and printed on real card stock die cut with rounded corners. And, the price per deck is the same as when it was introduced in 2016.

Each product comes with TWO sets of instructions, one is full-color as the primary and the other is inside the card box for back-up.

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