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“Not sure which one to congratulate first. I thought that pictures speak louder than words, I let you judge by yourself. Thank you for re-creating a version of the Aldini’s Zodiac deck. Signs are very easy to read when you know the marking. I love that you teach us that your deck is not only to reveal the sign but it is a means of telling spectators things about themselves…. this deck is a real gipsy dream.” Dr. SH

In the 1970’s the late Aldini released a deck of cards using Zodiac signs as a back and face motif. Those decks have been unavailable for over 30 years. He passed away in 1989. Larry Becker came up with an insidious way to mark the cards and turn them into readers in 1978. Lary Kuehn was fortunate enough to own one of the original decks and he marked the cards per Larry’s instructions. Lary’s used it continuously since 1981. However, all things wear out over time.

Last summer Lary’s associate Traveler suggested that he wanted to design a new deck that was reminiscent of that early deck and have the marking system actually printed into the back design. Larry Becker was contacted and he immediately gave his whole-hearted permission to use the technique in the new project.

Traveler's Zodiac Deck

Traveler’s Zodiac Deck™ is now a reality. The cards and box are printed in the USA on real playing card stock. There are three sets of the 12 Zodiac signs in the box. Two sets are done in high registration color backs and one set is done with a black & white back. The faces are the same in both versions. Why a B&W set? Just in case you want to add a darker element to doing readings with these cards. The instruction sheet is packaged in the custom box.

The backs are all marked in the same way so you don’t have to use two different systems. The design also makes them one-way. Faces are numbered in the upper right index. This was done to add another level of logical disconnect from a spectator thinking of these as playing cards.

Traveler’s Zodiac Deck™ will be available exclusively from Stevens Magic Emporium for $30.00.

“Fantastic! Lots of ways to use this in any setting. Easiest reading system I’ve ever seen and really invisible.” Neal Scryer

“Mine just arrived, there fantastic. Now I will be able to do an effect I had laying around here for the better part of 2 decades but had no zodiac deck to do it until now. Plus one can do a lot with this type of deck and the system is about the easiest to read I seen in a very long time. Great stuff.”Bill Montana

“I had the pleasure of test driving a prototype. These are well made and professional looking and feeling. This deck is very flexible. It can be used for many things. I did a reading for my wife using four cards and the Hebrew meanings of the zodiac; I was pleased on how the cards seamlessly integrated into the reading. I like that they do not scream “playing cards”. The marking system is very easy to use should you want to; even in low lighting, the marks are visible with my poor eyesight. Thank you, Traveler, for bringing back a “real worker”. May the stars align in your favour.”Yitzhak 10/18

“Just received the Zodiac deck and it is indeed nicely done. I’ve spent a few moments playing with it and love it. I am particularly fond of the black and white cards. When you receive the deck you will appreciate how clever the design is allowing you the information you need effortlessly. A lot can be done with this. Well done Lary!” Rob

“Mine came today. Very simple and elegant. I cannot wait to try them out. I am thinking about some tarot style spreads. Great job Lary.” Sean (Bartleby)

“I also received the deck. You are basically getting three sets of cards. If one set wears out you have two more. The marking is stealth and will fly under the radar. The cards look clean, uncluttered simple and iconic. They have a maturity to them which is conservative yet mysterious. They present nicely to the widest group of people both young and old. Without looking like a Saturday morning cartoon about a cheesy new age gift shop. One that sells dragons and dream catchers to wannabee, mystic, homeopathic, pot smoking, tree huggers (there I think I covered all the stereotypes). People won’t look at you like the weird guy who is too old to be doing 70’s bunny lacquered magic tricks from the 70’s when you pull them out of your pocket. The cards are very well suited to serious readings both light and dark, so the flexibility is there. You are not stuck on one track. The look of the cards won’t take away too much focus from your presentation. Four mystic stars out of five! (Loses one star because I wish they were uspcc quality. Fortunately that doesn’t matter all that much as they lose the slick modern store bought look)”Rick (MRD)

“How do you keeping coming out with such goodness Lary? Well done.” Bryn

“These are a great, reliable tool for Zodiac readings and stuff like that. Got mine yesterday – nicely designed, and the secret is devious.” Dave

“Mine were waiting when I got home. A great addition to my collection of fortune telling cards. For those on the fence, you get three decks, two with color backs. So you have some opportunities for being devious. And of course there is some marking if you want an edge on your reading. The fronts are black and white, with the astrological symbol, the name of the sign, and a number.”- Love them!” Bartleby

“I just received the deck and I fully concur with Darkness: More deck than I will ever use, a marking discrete enough to be used during a reading without any fear of it being detected and an uncluttered design that will not raise eyebrows. With a bit of aging (that’s a good point of these cards : the design could be old) and the included story, you have the seed for a nice piece.”Nestor

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