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From one of the world’s all time favorites and quite possibly one of the world’s all time greats! A clever, easy to carry, paper to bills effect! There are many “paper to bill” effects, because IF you are a magician, you should be able to change paper to money! But this version is time-tested and entertaining, too!

Fred always performed his magic immaculately, in his version you will have an excellent effect that has an impact on the spectators. The performer counts five pieces of newspaper – slowly – then with a flick of the wrist they (the newspaper) instantly change into five one dollar bills! (Can be changed back into paper too!) This effect is QUICK…VISUAL…EASY TO DO…EASY TO CARRY!

You will love this stunning, close-up, walk-around effect. Can be done surrounded. Comes complete and all you have to do is add five $1.00 bills to the packet! We’ve made the master gimmick for you! Don’t leave home without it.  It’s well worth the price.


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1 review for Treasury Note – Fred Kaps (Exclusive)

  1. William Hegbli

    The video show the effectiveness of this money effect. It is so simple to perform and is a stunner in real performances. Highly Recommended!

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