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“Did you know there are 127,872 different possible outcomes, playing all 9 cubes.” 

This is a great close-up or parlor piece of apparatus that provides a powerful punch. Expansions, variations, and instructions provided by some of magic most prolific creators! You set a folded piece of paper down next to a golden tray with raised plastic cubes marked with X’s and O’s. Then you and the participant play a game of tic-tac-toe, dropping the large cubes into spaces in the tray. Unfortunately, nobody wins… But wait – that tie game could have ended in any one of hundreds of different ways. You hand the spectator that folded paper and when she opens it, she discovers that you had pre-written a fully-played game of tic-tac-toe and it matches exactly the one just played in the golden tray.  You have predicted the exact outcome.

Trick-Tac-Toe 2.0 comes with a beautiful 3D frame set and full instructions.

  • There is no slight of hand.
  • No preparation.
  • No set-up.
  • No multiple outs.
  • No matter how your spectator decides to play, your paper predicts the endgame perfectly.

There is a brilliant variation which allows you to use “IMAGERY” instead of the X’s and O’s as well as other extensions. Special thanks for Bev Bergeron, Craig Greenwood and Jim Kleefeld.

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