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Quick tricks for chicks is a practical and realistic guide for anyone who wishes to be able to get a name, number and other useful information in a classy manner after meeting someone.  This is a fun and light project that really proves that there is not better way to make an introduction or initial impression then using magic!

From two of the most prolific minds in the Art of Meeting People. Deep in the heart of the “Triangle” in Chicago, Irv & Phillip have tested and proven the use of these techniques for over 40 years and still today with much success.

Be at the top of your game in any situation.

  • Overcome shyness
  • Build confidence
  • Learn how to lead in
  • Be the talk of the town
  • Land the Deal
  • Be the cats meow
  • Learn the art of conversation.

This is meant for a practical and comical guide to meeting people.

  • Complete with patter.
  • No difficult sleight-of-hand, or hypnosis required.
  • Completely impromptu.
  • No Stooges.
  • No Electronics.
  • No Magnets.
  • No Small Children.
  • No Trapdoors.
  • And No Pre-show work.
  • The Real Work with Everyday objects.

Warning Irv & Phillip along with Stevens Magic do not accept any responsibility for any misuse of this Material…

So use it Wisely.

Routines Include:

“What’s Ya Drink’n” is being able to know someone favorite drink and being able to Influence that someone to pick there favorite out amongst a mix of others without knowing which drink is which. To top it off for a lovely night cap, you have already preordered that favorite drink ahead of time for a very classy ending. (Please drink responsibly)

“Crystal Dreams” will be a perfect ending to a perfect night, where as that you are taking an ordinarily everyday item and invoking the power of dreams from a spacial someone to cause this item to transforming it into a beautiful crystal sphere just for them to take home as a wonderful remembrance of the time shared.

“What’s Your Name” Pretty much the title give it away. This is a delightful way of obtaining one’s name by what seems to be only by pure touch.

Booklet: 32 pages – 8″ X 10″ – ALL BLACK AND WHITE, THE COVER IS NOT IN COLOR!!

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