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FREE when you purchase Mark Strivings – Sight Unseen Case (SUC)!  This download features 3 routines you can use with the SUC case. Just substitute business cards instead of using envelopes and you have 3 powerful value added effects above and beyond the solid routines that come with it!

You do NOT need to add this to your basket.  We will send  you the download, after we have shipped your SUC Case from Mark Stivings!  Reg. $15 – Free with purchase of SUC!

Note: This is 3 effects available only in download format from the complete book. Thanks to Richard Webster for authorizing Stevens Magic to publish the first download from his famous line of quality publications.  This is Trifecta from Jonathan Stravinsky that involves number predictions from the mentalist, including specific times, and specific numbers.  All the effects incorporate numbers or a specific time and all of them involve a good deal of audience participation.  The three effects include are:  WATCH, WATCH, WATCH,  STEP BY STEP, & SECONDS AWAY FROM A KISS.

WATCH, WATCH, WATCH: An interesting and interactive, multi-phased routine that involves specific times that are randomly determined by a series of interaction from the audience such that the prediction seems impossible.  Due to the specifics of this routine we are unable to detail more in the ad copy.

STEP BY STEP: This can be done for one person, or a large group. “Believe it or not, I’m going to use my voice to influence you,” the mentalist says. “I’m going to take twenty steps. You’ll hear my voice as I count out each step. I’m going to use mind control to try to influence you to make a particular choice. Are you ready? Good. I’ll start walking now. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Listen to my voice. Nine. Ten. Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen. Believe it or not, I’m controlling your mind. Fourteen. Fifteen. Sixteen. Seventeen. Eighteen. Nineteen. Twenty.”

The mentalist stops walking and turns back to face the volunteer. “Subliminally, I influenced you to choose a specific number. It’s not ‘one,’ as I mentioned steps, rather than step. For the first time, what number did you choose?” The volunteer might, for instance, reply, “Fourteen.”

The mentalist produces an envelope, which he opens. He produces his business card. On the back is written: “Using the power of mind control, I’m going to influence you to choose 14 steps.”

SECONDS AWAY FROM A KISS: This beautiful routine has a profound effect upon any audience. The mentalist asks for the assistance of a couple. This might be a boyfriend and girlfriend, or a husband and wife. After learning their names and introducing them to the audience, the mentalist asks the lady to move three or four steps away from her partner.

“In a moment,” he tells her. “The audience is going to count from one to sixty. During those sixty seconds, if you want to, you can give (partner’s name) a kiss. Is that okay?” The mentalist receives agreement from both partners before continuing.

He then addresses the audience. “Okay, let’s all start counting. One. . Two. . Three. . etc.” Let’s assume it takes her thirty-four seconds before she kisses her partner. When the audience has finished applauding, the mentalist shows an envelope, which he tears open. He passes the sheep of paper inside it to someone in the audience to read out loud. The message is: “I had a premonition earlier that it would take her 34 seconds to give him a kiss.”

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