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Note: Book is Out of Press! This book was NOT Print on Demand. It was offset printed. See 04/2020 Genii Review at Bottom of Page.

This book is out of print…. Only a few copies remain at this time.

Eight mentalism effects, four magic routines, three marketing essays, and 11 humorous vignettes. 181 pages.  Hardbound book with dust jacketForeword by John Bannon

Found in Trifecta are both close-up and stage effects that are among the author’s favorites over a 30 year performing career. You will learn:

  • Dick’s award-winning close-up effect “Clued In” based on the popular board game of Clue. This effect requires the gathering of a few props, but a laminated “mansion card” is included with this book to help the reader get started towards performing this terrific routine.
  • The secrets behind “Top 40 Mentalism” which is Dick’s closer for his stage mentalism show. This is Dick’s signature piece.
  • A surefire way to personalize magic for your clients. “Customized Serendipity” is Dick’s favorite method and is explained in detail with 20 photos.
  • How to set up a marketing system to ensure a steady stream of bookings within six months using a “suspense file.”
  • Presentations (original patter) for three classic magic effects.

And much more!


  • Cued-In
  • Page One Headline Prediction
  • Top 40 Mentalism
  • Top of the Charts Mentalism
  • Corporate Executive Impersonation
  • Word Perfect
  • Answering the Personals
  • The Plaque


  • Customized Serendipity
  • Presentations For Three Classic Effects
  • Famous Couples Deck
  • Photo Finish Revisited


  • Networking
  • Planning Ahead
  • Going The Extra Mile


“I really enjoyed Trifecta…Dick has shared some of his best secrets and not all of them are tricks. This book gets my highest recommendation.”- Marc DeSouza (review in March 2020 MUM)

“Dick is a one-of-a-kind. Learning his routines will offer a glimpse as to how a working professional who cares about uniqueness and originality, as well as truly connecting with his audiences, puts it all together.” –Alain Nu

“It’s rare today to find a book chock full of terrific routines that come directly from a professional’s working repertoire. Strong impactful effects, outstanding business advice, and a series of wonderful stories from an illustrious career. It’s all right here. I love this book!” – Jon Stetson

“I could not put down Trifecta. No filler material. All of the effects are workable, commercial, and highly entertaining. And the marketing tips are seriously good.” – Jeff Evason

“Trifecta has solid, well thought out routines that you can take to the bank. Dick’s ideas on performance and marketing are pure gold.” – Christian and Katalina

“Excellent book! Dick’s creativity and humor are highlighted in Trifecta. – Bob Sheets

“Dick and I have spent a lot of time talking about marketing over the years. His ideas and suggestions are based on real techniques that will work for you!” – David Corsaro

“Dick’s Top 40 Mentalism routine is the best act I have ever seen over many years of attending the annual Psychic Entertainers Association convention.” – Roy Schubert

“Dick is a worker. His ideas aren’t theoretical. They have all been tested in the real world in front of paying audiences. As a result, when he writes a book, it is surely worth buying and studying.” – Ken Weber

“Trifecta is in a class by itself. This is a must read for every mentalist and magician.” – Marc Salem

“Trifecta was a pleasure to read. I particularly liked Clued In, Top 40 Mentalism, The Plaque, and Customized Serendipity. I like the way Dick customizes and personalizes much of his magic for his clients.” – Matt Baker

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1 review for Trifecta – Mentalism, Magic and Marketing – Dick Steiner – Book


    Trifecta – Dick Steiner – Book – GENII Magazine Review April 2020.
    Once in awhile, a magic book comes along that is so enjoyable, friendly, and easy to read that you fly through it in one 76 GENII LAMP sitting, then immediately flip back through to pieces that caught your eye. Such it is with Dick Steiner’s fast-paced yet conversational release, Trifecta. Steiner’s West Point grad status and his 21-year Army career combined with another 30 years of professional performance make him a clear, precise, communicative force to be reckoned with. This is a worker’s book. Trifecta is a concise but thorough treatise on Steiner’s experience in magic, mentalism, and marketing. It’s a magic book, sure. There are effects that are solid, commercial, and truly enjoyable to watch and to perform. But the strength of this book is the interwoven anecdotes of times a trick went exceptionally right or wrong, and the various tidbits at the ends of each routine that one can only know from having taken the material through the trenches over and over again. The effects are, by and large, performable by the reader. That said, as one pages through and processes the simple cleverness of each, it is clear that the strength of all of the content is that it is all quintessentially Dick Steiner. Every piece is nuanced with his interests, his background, and his quiet but assertive performance style. The effects are well-structured and technically easy to do, but the biggest lesson readers can glean is to infuse their magic with their true, life-long interests. Passion is contagious. The book opens with an effect that is so universally appealing and fun that the spectators hardly realize it’s a mentalism trick until it’s too late. “Clued In” is Steiner’s interactive prediction trick based on the Parker Brother’s board game, Clue. A miniature game board, depicting a revised version of the Clue mansion, is displayed, and the spectators roll imaginary dice to travel from one room to another.

    They then make a series of other fair-seeming decisions to choose a weapon and a suspect. In the end, the classic Clue envelope is dumped, and the game cards prove to match the selections made moments before by the spectators. This routine is light, fun, and deceptive, and Steiner includes the laminated game card to start the reader on their way. A bit of online shopping will yield the rest of the props—a few game pieces and cards—but it’s a small price to pay for a colorful bit of strolling mental magic. Progressing through the effects, Steiner introduces a clever ruse for a headline prediction using a book of collected New York Times headlines from the past several decades. The use of the book’s built-in idiosyncrasies and how to take advantage of them not only makes for another strong effect, but also serves up the inspirational question, “Where else can I use this technique?” He revisits the notion of built-in patterns to create a four-way out in his piece, “Top of the Charts,” where he divines the name of a thought-of song.

    Which brings me to the effect that is Steiner’s signature piece, and the closer to his mentalism show for much of his career. “Top 40 Mentalism” features members of the audience testing Steiner’s knowledge of Top 40 hits in the 1960s. This is significant, as Steiner was a radio DJ in his college days, and specifically has an encyclopedic knowledge of said music. As part of the performance, Steiner asks the spectators to challenge him with a song that he’d have to identify the artist. The finale of the routine involves a spectator merely thinking of a song, whereby Steiner is able to identify it and proves he even predicted it by revealing the vinyl record featuring said song. The piece is beautifully constructed and perfect, specifically for Steiner to perform. Without the encyclopedic knowledge of the genre of music, however, the routine might not be nearly as strong. This is not a criticism, but an observation that much of the material in Trifecta will serve as great examples of how to infuse one’s interests into magic and mentalism for exceptionally strong and personal routines.

    Method-wise, Trifecta includes Steiner’s brilliantly nuances on how to use a Clear Force Bag, leaving it safely in the audience’s hands at the end of the routine. The thought process on this alone is a technical highlight of the book. Another couple of standout effects include “Word Perfect,” a very easy but effective divination of a word the audience creates using Scrabble tiles, and “The Plaque,” which is a highly commercial prediction effect that generates a logical payoff for the “Add-a-Number” technique. Steiner’s greatest strong suit, and possibly the most inspiring aspect of the book, is his work on customization of magic for specific clientele. Whether it’s through specific tricks like creating kicker revelation cards for Bob Jardine’s “Serendipity” or the three offerings of scripts he’s written for Gene Anderson’s “Torn and Restored Newspaper,” Al Schneider’s “Matrix,” or Richard Sanders’ “Extreme Burn,” Steiner’s attention to detail when it comes to corporate customization is something to be studied. In particular, his customization of close-up mats—his baseball diamond designed mat or golf-course close-up mat for the appropriate sporting events—is just above and beyond memorable. Sprinkled throughout the book are stories of times things didn’t quite work out, or worked out accidentally perfectly! They are personal, charming, and make the reader feel like they’re listening casually to a friend tell a good story.The final few pages of Trifecta deal with Steiner’s tried and true experience in marketing: specifically networking. While there is so much information—often questionable—on the subject, his thoughts and examples of why the techniques work make for a great business asset if the reader were to put them to work. This is a quick read full of personality, stories, and a few tricks that have clearly seen the professional test of time. Above all, the level to which Steiner’s magic reflects his true self can be a lesson to everyone who reads it. Highly enjoyable on multiple levels. Trifecta • Dick Steiner • 6.25” x 9.25” • hardbound • 182 pages

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